Breaking Destiny (Gloryful)

Shout it out loud, towards the open sea Breaking the waves, the captive of the crow Suffer a thousand deaths No! She can't stand the curse Breaking the promises The union is getting worse Follow the heart, all the way back Fate lies in her own hands And please forgive, this loss was never meant to be And now, she'll change destiny, tonight! Kingdom of the sea - to eternity Forevermore our agony Anger and pain Breaking destiny Revenge - a lifelong tragedy Through snow and ice, through the eternal white Burning the skin, leaving the cliffs behind No looking back His scream for vengeance hits the night On wings of thunder He will fall right through the sky Father forgive, save me from this tomb Reach out your hand, keep falling to the ground Serving the thunder, won't be my destiny Victim of your betrayal is what is meant for me