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Fist of Steel (Gloryful)

Thunder, thunder, night in stripes This is the sound of our gloryful ride Fire, fire, we're running hot Avalanche of steel that you'll never stop Fighting the enemy, across the land Unleash the power that no one could bend Blessed with a flame, that burns in your heart Bang all your heads to the sound Raise your fist, all for one Fist of steel, one for all Unbelievers who won't understand Don't listen to them, you know that you're right As long as you burn you won't tear apart A light in the shadow will fight the dark Are you with me? We are! Joining the fight United we stand as one, together we ride Our hearts know we're right Iron believe - and true You're not choosing metal, metal chooses you! Fire, fire, melting steel Forging the iron to your destiny Unleash the power, sharing no tear Our free will is the weapon they fear Calling my brothers, we're ready to fight Be sure there's always a friend by your side Thunder, thunder, flashing down Eternal metal will take the crown