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Land of Living Skies Pt. 2: The Living Skies (The Besnard Lakes)

Take a long walk down the countryside Take a long, long time to clear my mind Living behind these steel bars Someone strolls along the oceanside, Looking out to "The Land of Living Skies", Casting glances from tear-filled eyes Up on top of this burned-down countryside This fire envelops me I'll be sitting on that beach Thinking "was it ever too late?" Once was great, all falls into place We make our mistakes and take them to our graves Up on top of this barren mountainside This fire that follows me As I'm wading into the ocean, wading until I get knee-deep Look up to "The Land of Living Skies" While I'm drowning in a sea, (look up to "The Land of Living Skies") Drowning in a sea of glory They show you the room where you stay Cold walls of concrete and clay Through one tiny window you'll see Armys of soldiers in green, all for you Gathered, as stones from a grave: Troops with dark horses at bay As far as your eyes can see: Millions of men on one knee, all for you