Jenny Mattress (Dahlgren Eva)

Jenny Mattress is a friend of mine Jenny Mattress is on her way down She's a living love machine Jenny Mattress can you really feel the light when you're lying in your bed late at night with the fattest ugliest man you've ever seen At least you can pretend that there's a life after you've been born Even if you saw what you saw, that the class-distinction is as big as high and low Why Jenny why, I'm too near the border Why Jenny why, I'm stuck in this line Why Jenny why I can't take orders Why Jenny why, I don't really want my life Jenny Mattress can't you see the danger Oh Jenny you just can't win You're a woman you shall be quiet when he locks you in and if he ain't paying you just let him go He can beat you up, do so much more You are quiet, as a living wall At least you can pretend that there's life after that you've been born Even if we ain't living by the same laws It's easy to rule you when you too small