Deeper (So Solid Crew)

You think i'm deep? I go deeper than the graves Where they bury the foot and mouth sheep Take a look in my mind Take a peep Girls mind when you sleep 'cause Boom-only i wonder why Boom- on it we'll never die Nein in German is nine Never go there, never combine These lyrics are just to fill in the time Until i'm ready to blow your mind So Solid in time Bubbler, Swiss, MC Romeo Lisa Maffia with the Jarrell Oh No Promoters when you pay me Don't screw up your face all bent All your doin is refunding me For all of the raving money i spent That was to pay rent Haterz don't go and be like that Screwing up your face in the dark Don't let me get dark Don't let me go in the boot of my car Thats in the car park Ladies chill Take your Monday pill Please don't grill Romeos on the mic and i'm still Keeping it real Until I make a millllion of the pounds them With my lyrical sounds them Turn up the speaker then 'Cause i wanna go deeper then-a Let me go deeper then I wanna go Back in the days when i never had nothing then Never had enough money to buy all the sweets in the shop So i put back some of them Life was harder then Hey afro, never go barber then Grew up in a single parent family Without no father then So my mum took up harder then On a scale of 1 to 10 Mum gets 10 Shes like one of the ravers them up there chilling in V.I.P with her friend Don't bother them then Romeo and Lisa Don't leave out the maffia Lyrical flow so buff-ia So Solid taking you deeper On the mic i get a Slow flow to Bubble on the double to And leave out the trouble to Rock garage, rock car park flows Different beats, different tempos Different lingos Thats the way it goes Voice slows, who knows Romeo's voice slows Speed up the tempos Then lick you with the new flows I'll lick you with some brand new stuff and that I'll spark lyrics, i've got nuff of that I'll big up the girls them buff and that Press, bump, enough of that No lyrical flow, slow, sound I speed up again As i come again Lick you with a new trend Different begginings with different ends Setting different flows and different trends It starts where it ends If its straight then it bends If it gels then it blends Should i carry on? That depends Only if you give me a deadline Ladies mmm mine Give me 29 seconds to chat this rhyme Romeo and Lisa Don't leave out the maffia Lyrical flow so buff-ia So Solid taking you deeper On the mic i get a Slow flow to Bubble on the double to And leave out the trouble to (2x) I'm gonna lick you with a slow flow Speed it up and here i go My lyrical flow Swear its too hot Now look there too cold Whats new can never be old Lisa the priceless diamond (Lisa hey) That can never be sold Swiss produce that track Give me that beat for my lyrics to unfold Explode Release that deeper story Thats never been told Could never be us could never be garage Gonna lick you with the car park flows Voice slows, then speed up the tempo Oh No I wanna go dee-E-per, dee-E-per Romeo, Here i go (Romeo) I don't believe in fans I believe in supporters And i don't like reporters Hypocrites, parasites, perpetrators Especially haterz If you don't like me Don't watch TV, 'cause i'm all over it If you hate me Your an obstacle in life, i'm gonna jump over it My lyrics pause To give you enough time To give me a round of applause I'm breaking rules and laws To support the cause And open doors for garage music Romeo's voice slows and i'm gonna use it I wanna go deeper (Deeper, deeper) Back in the day when i blew my first speaker I wanna go Dee-E-per, dee-E-per (Deeper, deeper, deeper) Blow da spea-E-ker, spea-E-ker (2x) I wanna go dee-E-per, dee-E-per Blow da spea-E-ker, spea-E-ker Listen to the cree-E-per, cree-E-per Buy clothes chee-E-per, chee-E-per Dee-E-per, dee-E-per Blow da spea-E-ker, spea-E-ker Go with the cree-E-per, cree-E-per And then buy clothes chea-E-per