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Dilemma (So Solid Crew)

Attention to all ravers Tonight we represent to u the So solid crew feat Harvey Mac MC MegaMan And a unknown man person called g-man We have bad news No one knows the whereabouts of MC neutrino His family is worried He hasn't phoned, Been seen any where Or sent any post cards We are defiantly in a mad dilemma. Roll the dice number 2 Happens to be the So Solid crew Roll the dice number 4 Burn out the dance Burn out the dance floor Roll the dice number 1 Look at the best DJ your tha don Roll the dice roll the dice It's the way that were rollin tonite I'm like the stars in the sky I'm like the moon as so high I'm like the sun in the cloud Garenteed teed to run the ground Like like cloud full rain rain Dark and grey Don't try stepping my way M A C like a hawk I prey Swep it up n ill take it away. It's time to interact MC Harvey im rading the track It's time to intercept M A C live and direct Live n direct n all due respect Ash better tell everybody gonna take jaya Gonna take jaya when I put u on the decks Riding a mic wid da interlect (2x) Oh jaya shake it to the left So solid crew wid da bass in check Neutrino where u der (Di-dilemma, bad situation) Dilemma how do you want it Touch da mic Makin u vomit Dilemma gotta deal with it So solid were all bout it (2x) Get get, get loose loose Gimme tha mic Wid da energy boast Gimme the gin a wid da sip of da juice Get a get a get loose loose (2x) Dilemma how do you want it Dilemma gotta deal with it Mission impossible Unstoppable Let me start talker so original We gonna bring u something new Sooner or later, everybody gonna wanna do Deck 1 deck 2 it's true Lyrically MAC inside da venue Deck 1 deck 2 It's true Paper money rinsing tune