Freakshow (The Gothic Archies)

people gawk at the way you walk you're a freakshow people squawk 'bout the way you talk you're a freakshow people stare at your scary hair you're a freakshow people glare at that hat you wear you're a freakshow real people want to know what it is about your face that irritates them so real people stop and ask why you wear that costume, and why don't you wear a mask? normal folk think you're just a joke and a freakshow normal types cross the street for swipes at the freakshow even birds stop to drop their turds on the freakshow even geeks, even other freaks hate the freakshow real people fume and seethe how you dare to share the air the public has to breathe real people ask you why with a face like you've got, won't you just lie down and... real people look on you like something unpleasant for the garbage crew to do real people question how someone took a lobster's face and put it on a cow real people say, har, har as a monster movie actor you could be a star and soon, you are!