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Collapse Of Recreation (Odious Mortem)

All existence is lost Through the force of this being relentlessly consuming perception pulled from tranquility Impossible to contain through defense Determined to conquer a disincarnate future of earth the cause of its conception decoding framework stretching its essence over regions throughout Mirroring the images of mutated life structures surfacing upon this future earth reliant on technical systems overrun by human kind Giving rise to this hunger and allows for its feeding to flourish A storm of destruction that cannot be stopped Until the cause of its creation meets certain extinction Supposed progressions of human achievement an ironic cause for complete devastation As the earth then lies in its own barren waste this parasitic being is yet unfulfilled Its only recourse is to turn on itself Life is now a discarded perception Internal engorgement of matter implosion of conscious reality ingesting infinite boundaries of mental and physical realms obliterating any memory of all that was known As the source of all reality within this universe is consumed and forgotten.