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Fragmented Oblivion (Odious Mortem)

Conscious travels through sub-conscious realms Lost in abysmal insignificance Convinced by impossibility defiling any method or proof Deciphering the inconsequential matter naturalized inside of our manifestation Unconscious of comprehension All life forms comprised Internal tomb of senses Decay unto the emptiness Fragmented Oblivion Traces of Understanding Peripheral Diversion From any basis of theory Eroding explanation Visions falling inside visions Infection Spreading itself across a sea of minds Into Eternity Beyond dualist elements controlling images Induction of connected energy the cause of this condition Collective alienation Reasoning and rational a deficient acceptance of ends Convinced the future resembles the past Molding reality to refuse progression disconnected from origins of being Repeating these cycles of life Swarms of perception melted together normality ripped and reformed Limiting comfort to a claustrophobic shell comprised by our own delusions Instincts deviated by fear driven by brutal aggression and hate Embalmed ruins of the ancients crumbling monuments of fatality Cumulative ideologies the convergence of intentions Deny and despise conviction the annihilation of all significance Forced schizophrenia by these vast abstractions of life disguised by false utility Left with nowhere to turn Trapped inside virtual captivity Unable to transcend from this fragmented oblivion