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Kronos' Heritage (Krampus)

Erasing the future for greed , blinded by Madness like modern Kronos eating your Children. Poisoning the earth where they’ll walk Burning and felling the trees where they should dream Toxic the breath of the mother on her goodnight kiss Your shame wont heal the wounds of your legacy. Tell me, how would u explain the misery you’ve made to the smile of your son His hopes and dreams are now your hands Close your eyes and remember the beauty you had the luck to see (Tell me) When the world wasn’t gray as it is Don’t forget that you are just a guest in this perfect balance that we call Earth. Every damage she suffers doubles on you Is it worth to condemn the future for useless desires You cause this carnage with every junk they told you need (Chorus) Deceiving the circle of life hunting the hunters valuing the nature when killed or enslaved Breathing the smell of our guilt Evading to face the scale of our sins Arid the end of the travel we undertook Too late we'll realize that we killed ourselves (Chorus)