The Dance of Lies (Krampus)

Dancing without face the guests of life’s ballet Twirl on your desires Hands in hand chains on you The ragged envy wobble nervous with friendship The pestered Jealousy clung on the soft arm of Love Courage’s carrying the weight of Fear This dance will go on for whole your life. Liar But i still can choose Liar I’m slave to no one Liar My will is stronger I am free Liar, you are just a flack of dust breezed around by our will We were with you from your first wail, We are what you see into the mirror Even – the last nail of your coffin will be hammered by us. From slave I’ll be back to command I still have some strength left inside me And with it I’ll carve you from myself Free from all your bonds I walk in the new life of mine The new life begins governed only by myself. No more i’ll anger for something that I don’t deserve Never I’ll choke someone for my insecurity I wont flee from what i’ll find ahead This dance of lies it’s now over