The Divinity Of Oceans (Ahab)

Masts are broken Men will break Yards are shattered Bodies shake Bulkheads battered - Planks are burst This ship is cursed - And so are we Where to head for? - Where will salvation lie? What to salvage? - What to leave behind? This must be a collective lurid dream For God's sake, make us awake! We sold our souls to the divinity of oceans, Bestowed our fortune to the demons of depth Thus now we are left stranded, Shipwrecked and collapsed Lost in the liquid desert Thousands of miles off from the main Uncertain obscurity underneath The surface cuts the world atwain A journey to unscrupulousness A trip to leery human mind A passage through ruthlessness of soil A trek towards ferocity A voyage into unknown A leap into the dark All our hopes are anchored to your mercy, Ye, almighty sea!