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Last To Know (Conway Deborah)

Deborah Conway and Richard Pleasance He is friends with everyone And everybody is his friend The stakes are high but he is sure They will be loyal to the end What wouldn't we do with friends like that Walk to the edge of the precipice Balance like a dancer in her finest hour I don't want to be the King of Jordan I don't want to be the King of Jordon We are humbled by the sight Of crown and sceptre in its glory Tall dark handsome and polite Makes such a pretty cover story But the fence that he's been sitting on is not so strong And the line that he's been taking is not so straight And there's blind curves all down this road Are you so sure of where you stand When you're the centre of attention As fame and fortune hover round The unbelievers appetite is whetted And long knives are easy to conceal And a smile hides a multitude of sins And I don't like the way you're looking at me