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...Ever Know Peace Again (Augury)

[Music: Patrick] Do mourn, the glory days are gone Like roaches scattering under a beaming light Run out of history's backstage As your flags burn over spoiled Eden Looted for you to waste Kings of the hill, inflated frogs, staged heroes, die! Altogether World bowed in disrespect Clenching teeth, towering hate World won't ever know peace again! In none we trust Sowed salt within our soils Fed us what even rats spit up Perpetuating the times When wealth spoke the speech When wealth swung the whip On sweat sown your power Now harvest billions of enemies! Oppression is deserved for who complies to fit within It is fantasy freedom; tied to galleys we row Docile on our way down the food chain Livestock salivating at pellets in a trough A fate to which we almost fell Rolling meat screwed within the Machine Silkworms soon to be boiled, all others denied awakening Like cattle we were bred, raised and processed Baited in with hopes for none to achieve By scarecrows guarded under a gray sky No wonder we were all afraid to open the cage, never... Woe to you, mothers of all sores Woe to the defeated Great eagle fallen, feathered In ire crowds come marching Ignited, ablaze, exploding Don't you smell the sour stench of demise? Forseen all to nothing