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Sovereigns Unknown (Augury)

High in the sky, watchful eyes in the sky Hovering overseers accounting men's deeds Listeners of your prayers, bearers of guidance Vril riding Sovereigns Unknown Nestled where old maps showed monsters Unknown places none dared to dwell Kept men off our shores, playing on their fears Like skillful fiddlers play their strings But soon the tales didn't suffice And an explorer ended our way To his peers he told his journey From desolation to luxuriance Flying clumsily, across the ice sea Our way came his tiny airplane Greeted him with warmth and showed him our world Still, he came back betraying Off our shores then came Their mountains of steel Spewing smoke across the skies Spat iron flies that we downed with ease The midges challenged the eagle On a fiery vessel he came Now returns sailing derelicts Counting his remaining hands Almost swept overboard From thousands a few were left Adrift in the wake of the hurricane The once victorious, cry seeing his might Flotsam adrift onto the tide But in the mind of unbelievers None of this has ever been Superstition blends in science's leaking infancy Upward come the prayers of men Nestling open their mouths in hope Begging the skies For the worm to come