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The Lair Of Purity (Augury)

From the day my eyes first open Voices inside started speaking Lullabies like faded memories of an Eden in eternal spring Where at will colors reappear, where creation blooms in rejoice Dodging away its mourning mantle In horizon ablaze the sun shone On those mourning themselves, slowly given back their senses Given courage to hold on longer and a goal to breathe for Desert traveler in a mirage welcome Feeling a presence, yearning for fairy hands To steer the dormant soul back to life again Remote heaven, like an island by all lines bypassed At times seen drifting in the horizon to disappear A mere glimpse was enough to reopen the wound The awakening comes Sorrows held within all want out at once All day sleepwalking Daydreaming over a memory A star around which all thoughts revolve, Worlds feeding on its light, At times the dream comes to life, yet elusive remains Stars fell from the skies, by this marvel overthrown At last breathed life in, from mire raised Reality comes soiling illusions With its clouds the skies darkens Flogged by the wind, howling heavenward To keep away storms marching in On the march of time, so winter won't come again Then the sleepwalking resumes, while the anima sleeps Chews its way to the core, worming within the domain of dreams Beckoning refuge, until the worm wiggles in its sleep In lust for this life again, this constant cycle of hopes and despairs