But I Did Not (Howe Gelb)

Would I be awakened where the wrong side renders? would I be a dangling toward demise? forgetting about the innocent splendors? and rage blinding my eyes? could have slouched into deception could have just made it make more sense accept the devilish invitation? should I just sit upon this fence? no, I won?t let go take in the herald I hear a harking against the bone yard hounds a barking almost went to bed hating it almost managed to manifest tormented by stating it a situation so self obsessed felt like burning down the home felt like buying me a gun felt like I was all alone felt like taking it all on the run people just smiling at the sun shining seeing the dark clouds? silver lining hearing the happy children a chirping sacrifice sometimes is just timing feel so much you can?t stand it feel the love that lives inside it realize that life is but a minute until I finally found you in it no, I won?t let go against the haunting howls a hounding give it all a god almighty pounding