Get To Leave (Howe Gelb)

Make sure your baby?s well tucked in a blanket in the basket of a back seat of a wagon that don?t run on air if you can?t afford the fuel, pray you get the passion to keep the spirit rolling and get on out of here get to leave, get to leave, get to leave with rumors of a better world once you get to leave with a thimble full of comfort and a nickels? worth of luck may you make out with a buck more then you?ll ever need on this planet made of rock, hard liquor and discomfort with rumors of a better world once we get to leave shadowing the season of change the winds blow in and they rearrange tending the garden of change the weeds grow in and they rearrange maybe it?s the angle of the sun when it?s such a twisted light or the impossible darkness of a starless night or the triangle of 3 lovers in need of fresh flight or the maniac mindings of a monocled monk