That's How Things Get Done (Howe Gelb)

Days turn into afternoons Afternoons turn into weeks Pretty soon another year is gone Still you ain’t got yourself no peace What’s the use of sitting around waiting Anticipating your whole life away Waiting for you ship to come Come on that sunny day Put your mind to it see yourself through it First step is the hardest But you got to get yourself started Ain’t no way for a garden to grow You got to water, got to work with the hoe Ain’t no way for yourself to get fed You don’t get up and get out of bed Wash your face, comb your hair Get on straight and get out there CHORUS That’s how things get That’s how things get That’s how they get done Open up your mind Put your body in motion Go ahead and make yourself a clean sweep You ain’t a bear, you don’t need that much sleep The world is sick, It’s an epidemic Sometimes what I think we need Is one good swift kick Kick