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Elbow A Nigga (Tear da Club Up Thugs)

(feat. Project Pat) [Chorus x2: All] I bet you won't Elbow a nigga,Elbow a nigga Elbow a nigga,Elbow a nigga I bet you won't Stomp motherfucker stomp Motherfucker stomp Stomp motherfucker stomp Motherfucker stomp [Juicy J] Hurt nigga I'm coming out the fucking closet Stay the fuck up off my dick I feel the bucking poppin',poppin' Boy I ain't a hoe Cause I caught you bitches liquor store Niggas that need somthing in yo' ??? Punk yo' nuts broke studio Gangsta step up to the fucking wheel Call you nigga,call yo' click And please tell them shoot to kill Wishing that you would pop yo' nuts Cause I'm throwing them thangs Take care of your business bitch Now we'll see who run your game Hoe [DJ Paul] These niggas all in my face My face these niggas be yening I'm mixing screwdrivers wit' J But don't forget the gining And then I go show my rings And my fake gold chain (Edit)Grab the nine like I'm off Soul Train But I wait Let them haters move first Hundred more bustas I'll make Befor I finish a verse Verses getting crucial Crucial verses getting Cases be spinning Niggas hittin' but I'm hittin' [??????] [Chorus x2] [Lord Infamous] Hurts in have minded And you've been blinded By ? and you can find it Hurt your whole faculty Invert your reality Task force,swat team Martials are after me blay Trail of blood drips Stiffs in the fortress Had to blast his organs Took all his fortunes Importing weapons Put it on my beltings Welp in your skeleton Like a wicked witch [????] see them bail [Project Pat] Be the next nigga to fall Wit' these mags and these techs I be the next nigga to ball In your shift,flip the script See another chapter has been Written in this game Project Pat is the pastor Mane I'm after Lucci,Lucci Like a dicken in a jumpsuit With these infabeam eyes Scooping out a bitch's purse I dispearse killer lyrics Like a tome in ya mug Hypnotize Monds gotta Nigga high on some drugs [Chorus x4]