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Get Buck, Get Wild (Tear da Club Up Thugs)

Fuck you (*echoed*) (chorus 4x) Get Buck Get Wild Lets Tear This House Like Down Lets Tear The Club Up Thug Lets Do This Stuff Right Now (Juicy J) Throw them thangs and show them gold Gangsta niggas on the floor High as a bird or a fuckin kite Sercurity screaming oh-noooo Players thuging in a line Party crunk like I'm on the grind Mtv these ghetto streets Hoodlums throwing gangsta signs Fumes smoke is in the air Bullet holes just everywere Niggas drunk off hen and gin but I don't think they can compare Where them dollars Get'em fold Get your drug kick in control If you bucking in a crowd Better hold tight on your gold Haters snatching what they can On a hustle that's the plan Fuck a wall flower coward When we moving no one stand Everybody to the bar Nothing but heavy ghetto star Never taking shit from fools Got them tones out in the car Cause we hard on that liquer Five gallons drinking wit cha If you ain't got nothing but weed Hope you got some more of the swisha One of my niggas got Erk&Jerk One of my niggas got some of syrp One of niggas got some of that yert Leave yo body high and hurt fool Chorus 4x (DJ Paul) (T) Tag cause I'm from state to state is what we do (E) Every nigga from show to show say they some damn fools (A) All the world know who make niggas get they head cracked (R) Rocking shows over seas now nigga where you at (D) Damn right a nigga gone die before I leave that spot (A) All shit outside the club another nigga shot (C) Catch a nigga who talking shit in the parking lot (L) Let loose on his bitch ass wit that plastic glock (U) you never seen a show unless you seen a show that we do (B) Bounce around the stage bop and drop fools like we do (U) You again that nigga that like to cause a scene but I got (P) Prophet Posse in the back wit a mug that's mean (T) Take yo ass to the floor know what I'm talking bout (H) Hoes like you get punched in they fucking mouth (U) Its a lot of fuckin you's in the song but watch (G) But watch me hit the liquer sniff up one and I'm gone Chorus 4x (Lord Infamous) Kaiser Soze watch me rotate Let this floor vibrate her back Watch out the side and bounce this ride And put em in torture rack We got it loc enough to choke em up Then broke em off they stump We got another ghetto junk To keep the concrete jungle crunk Fall up on it, my opponent They only panic and quit Because the hype from Scarecrow nigga On some ole other type shit Watch we manipulate these mads And get em motivate the hurt I'm the master of this madness (?) rock this earth (Juicy J) I don't give a fucking while Don't move a fucking crowd I'm a tear da club up thug I'm gonna do that shit right now Ain't no motherfuckin threat To the motherfuckin click Three Six Mafia in the bitch Hypnotize is the click Prophet Posse move your body Let me see you stumble rumble In this motherfuckin jungle DJ Paul, take em under Juicy man never feel the thunder Rollin crowds just like a blunder Let me see you tear da club up thug Let me see you take them under Chorus 2x (Fade Out)