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Push 'em Off (Tear da Club Up Thugs)

hook x4 Push 'em off, push 'em off in here Chorus x10 Push 'em off, tear it up Push 'em off in here (Lord Infamous) You better back up off this We got custom made coffins I got a bird restin' on my desk Up in my office I gotta make it babe Miss rate me Make you niggas hate me I'm goin' flossin' through these last days My life is crazy You call the army, the marines You better call the navy It's Kaiser Sosate from the thugs And we were nominated Because the nigga take his slaves Up in the home of the great We gonna push the magic button Don't nobody behave So get buck, get boogie, get wild, get naughty We the thugs out of hell And he sent us to party Lord Infamous plus the Three 6 are pumpin in my blood Tear this one Keepin' me sober Tearin' at the clubs Kickin' tables, knockin' over chairs, gloves in the air Sexy darears checkin' everywhere (?) Off on the scrilla grind So I gotta lose my mind Tear Da Club Up Thugs Ghetto love till the end of time Chorus x10 (DJ Paul) I'm finally busta free >From my enemies, nigga please Got my cheese lucky from Tennessee, Hennessy I be need only real, feel me Busta bust until he bleed (??) if you hear me Holla if you hear me Call you boys get your crew what you want to do Dial in, I wizon wizon better get your gizon Gizon is always fizon Fizon is still wizon Wizon all the women Diss on, diss on Now picture me wrong Up behind you Where'd I find you With a 40 cal. Like the silent style On my way now to Rodmans house Never happy, keep on rappin' Got you hot, on the dot In the beer boy Set up scores Plus our record spots Catch me not, indy pot Big away your stash pot Got me gun, in me crotch Burnin' cause the barrels hot Ratta tatta tatta tatta tatta tatta boom To the (??) no winnin' Since I do rule, boy Chorus x10 (Juicy "J") I'm about to elbow a nigga, elbow a nigga Cock the gun and pull back the trigger, pull back the trigger Meetiing in the parking lot I always wear mouth a lot We can go toe to toe To the floor, on the spot Hope this spot is well standed Left and right is how I panic With a chrome anna canon Peepin' game and now were standin' Only land game I hated Jealous cause we clockin' paper Plus I used to hack And now I'm ridin' fool, I'll see you later Now I see you muggin' in my face When I'm ridin' up Say you saw the late night video and tear da club up Hopin' and wishin' That the mafia is finished Ho yeah know We was in it to win it And to you dirty freaks, paperchasin' Now you on that jock We don't want the blunts that you lacin', that be gettin' you high But I got a knife in my pocket Would I roll it on Let the steam About to cut ya Get a hustle Get ya own, fool Chorus x10 (repeats till end) Push 'em off x8 Tear it up x8