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Smoked Out (Tear da Club Up Thugs)

{hook: (8x)lord infamous} I'm smoked out snorted out Drunken and I'm blown {dj paul} Get the dope, chop it up Get the plate, I can't wait Fifth of henn, in my hand Ask for some, you too late Now I'm high, really high Man I'm about to shout I see you over there talking But what the fuck you talking about Oh I'm blazed, in a daze Purple haze and ash trays Mac mike you got the light We green this ain't no fucking day Black havana Craving the vapors of chronic Dj p with no weed and know what This shit is so fucking ironic {juicy j} I got them blood shot red eyes Look into my eyes Did you see a big surprise Can't you tell a nigga high I can fly, I can float Meet your boy up on the boat Watch me dive into the water Like titanic when it broke Yo keep the weed coming Keep them drinks coming Niggas walking around In that daze like they need something Cream bumming Lighters flicking On the road their ain't no finish Send them back Stop in the kitchen Nigga this is just the beginning {hook: (8x)lord infamous} I'm smoked out snorted out Drunken and I'm blown {lord infamous} Hearses circling my house With wack ass rappers in the rear Hella lame in my ear I come to ruin your career Vocal cords swords Side board more souvenir Skins of belly body Smelly death is in the atmosphere Peace is extinct Bloody street Make them steal Planes crash ships sink Every poison gets sweet Every enemy see Feel the nuclear nigga heat May I propose a toast Its coming close to world war iii Fright night Under moonlight Memphis picture Mutilating torture pressure Till the satan took ya I'll beat ya till there's nothing left but slop Feed you to the swamp Running through the forest like gunk Bloody tree trunk Bitch you want a piece of this Might as well take the heart There was no love from the start Sprinkle body parts Woe onto you my foe Cause you just don't know Smoked out snorted drunk blown {hook: (8x)lord infamous} I'm smoked out snorted out Drunken and I'm blown {twista} Got me gone off herb And I earn when I swerve to the curb For the derb and the bourbon Fresh out early and Hanging with the soldiers Still got the feelings that we pearling Show me where they working From the bank dawg Money on a fifth of henn Tell the motherfucker drink up Why the skunk weed starting to stank dawg Bitch go and get some gin We gonna get the party cranked up Put your bank up we gonna need more Weefer chain cause our cryptic addicted to weed smoke Get incisions of pure seeded snow Take a puff choke shit of this weed dope And I'm off my square now Went and yelled out Where the nigga trying to get sloppier Dropping ya If you trying to get us While we uzing them Rolling with the three 6 mafia Popping ya popular Buck at niggas with the rock Close encounters of the herb kind Leave you sitting on the curb crying South side getting bucked up In a party with a burb mind We gonna tear this bitch up Cause we fucked up Gone off that sticky When I zone off can't hit me Have me going in illusions Trying to get me Infatuated with drugs Smoked out snorted out drunken and blown Getting crunk in that mode Twista gotta stay high Smoke a skunk till I'm old Now chucking like I'm sea sick On the front porch with the mob And we be thick Roll when you see twista and three 6 Who can bog the motherfucking mind Like an eclipse on the weed tip