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What You Lookin' For (Tear da Club Up Thugs)

What you looking for, what you looking for, what you need? (chorus 8x) (juicy j) It's about 7:30, a nigga out there early early I'm on the ? burna? phone, just got paged by a curly curly Hit me on my horn three times if you want the crack But fool don't be paging me no more for no credit sack Sipping on a forty, what's up shorty? (girl: what's up) Can I get that face? (boy please) I'm out here trying to make this doped down money Fuck you anyway (fuck you too) Hoes want a nigga that's breaking them off I ain't got time for that But if you want to get real high up to the sky I'm slinging packs (dj paul) I'm booing yay up out the taxi when I'm in the n.y. My brother phil d. gots my back up in the chi. L.l., sunny sunny, chris and don't forget dough Got you faded by the pound, nigga keeping 'em though Lil fin and queens mound y'all forever be thick P-mall don't ball I see you moving that shit T-bolo, never solo, he ride with tony d. 'times Up in the polo (go 'head, go 'head) blast my enemies Chorus x8 (lord infamous) The devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he did not exist Now I must wrote this strategy to the drunk of this Carnal ? knowledges, we will not acknowledge it Nickels sold up in the park dog, I want my fucking part of it Got to make a pretty pay, scarecrow for the night and day Niggas on the ledge or on the roof, we got to move this today And don't get no prophet ? , when you pushing hop yo Tell this china white style you back, oh, you go, oh I'm going to take a walk to the boulevard, Till they check on his face and pace And make sure way this movie straight, kaiser soze I'm walking on razor blades, and keeping them flambayed 'cause what's on that plate is that peruvian high grade I love crack addicts, they have this mesh to me, sunny With rocks in your hand it should disappear and turn to money The green ill leafs, the evil roots and the seed is greed, paint enemy Like time the streets is calling me to feed Chorus x8 (project pat) Friends and money, just like oil and water Cross the line and you can prepare for the slaughter 'outta be shot what you looking for some credit bro' I got them rocks to get you high but you twenty short A newport is all I can give ya' player So push on project pat ain't no perpetrater A demonstrater, demonstrating dog how it goes Hanging with killers with them drains coming out their nose Opposing laws in this game so I can stay on top, by slanging rock Oh I use my mask and my glock, It's non-stop, crack sales every block in town I'm trying to come up in this shit just like nino brown I'm staying down, watching out, trigger finger itching But collard greens like the dope cook up in the kitchen You come up missing when you owe a nigga on my block 'cause down here you get killed over a dime rock Chorus fades out...