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When God Calls Time Out (Tear da Club Up Thugs)

Yo G, what would you do If all of a sudden you woke up one morning And the world was ending, man (ha, I'm checkin' in man, haha) This life is just... The world was... It was just crumblin' (ha, that's messed up dog, haha) God came down to reach for everbody (Is he here, is he here) There's nothing you could do Ay, but hey check it out What would you do Chorus x1 What you gonna do when god calls time out Are you gonna run, try to hide, scream and shout Are you gonna drop to your knees, cry and pout What you gonna do when god calls time out What you gonna do when god calls time out Deep in your mind, when you have any doubts Cause all your time on this Earth is ran out On your mighty mighty date When god calls time out (Lord Infamous) To all you murderers, maniacs, fornicators, rapists, thieves All you drug dealers, gang bangers, smokers All you sinners; sinners, you best take heed As I tell of the day we were beg and plead King of King, Lord of Lords, see us coming To late for forgiveness, not too late for promise Did you know everytime you were unmarried and screwed Eech one of those counted as a sin damn fool You said it's alright cause God grows the weed He also grew the fruit in the Garden of Eden Don't abuse every season, getting a step closer The Mark of the Beast is around if you focus You said you forgot but you still hesitatin You best beware, Mr. Satan said his ways Is to come, let you beg in the flames he has tamed And make you a slave throughout infinite days Chorus