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Tomorrow Will Come (Random Eyes)

I write this song to you because you are a friend of mine I care about your life I wanna feel the pain you feel My heart is thankful to my God that I`ve met a friend like you Please God I pray give the blessing to you Sometimes black clouds gather in the sky And we can`t see the day I know you`ve been waiting a long long time God sees it all, He sees it all Tomorrow will come The sun will rise in the morning and a new day will get you to smile again you`ll get to smile again Tomorrow will come Night time has gone away and the new day will get you smile again get you to smile again Sometimes it`s hard to understand His ways and love in our lives Like footprints in the sand He`ll carry the burden I will stand by your side like a brother you know I love you like a friend Think of the time when you were child You played you games safe in your world Under the summer sun Like birds in the sky I know you felt the freedom Under the summer sun