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Empire State Express (Son House)

I went down to the station I leaned against the door I went down to the station I leaned against the door You know I know the Empire State Any time I hear her blow Then I ask the depot agent Let me ride, let me ride the blind Oh depot agent Please let me ride the blinds He said I wouldnt mind it son But this empire state aint mine You know he said I have an Empire State She rides on eastern She rides on eastern Eastern time She runs on ester time She is the rollingest baby that runs on New York central line Engineers I said wasnt me an old farmer And I trust all engineers You know they took my women away Yes the engineers blow the whistle The farmer only rung the bell You know my women is on board And she is waving back farewell Im going to tell you all You on the train You on the train The train will do And Im gonna tell you all what I know the train will do It will take your women away And chop back smoke as you