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And Light Shines (Lynch David)

In all configurations The curve is the thing that can go back on itself Over and over As the stars turn around each other And light the way for travelers Who come along through time Looking for that one that could bend the path just so To take us home And light shines And light shines Around the table, where they all sit smiling Hands with fingers moving as they tell their stories of being lost Then found No matter what the place, they saw the face Of one who showed the way along the road well-traveled And light shines And light shines But so few were seen and sometimes it was a figure alone When night came and thunderstorms And rain fell from clouds which hit the sun And no birds sing, no flowers grew in this darkness Which closed around and smothered the man To strange dreams of wanting Yet never knowing what And light shines And light shines And a longing was the only feeling left As the road way grew narrow and steep And the clime was like an aching in the dim light One foot after the other upwards A man at the crest Which is thought to be only a wish The dawn king like warriors with sounds filling all sky And a roar deep as the bottom of hell And darkness was torn away So the angels came with the swimming light of heaven And there was pain no more Only a soaring of the heart And a living memory of totality And light shines And light shines And light shines And light shines And light shines And light shines