Speed Roadster (Lynch David)

I call. I call your phone. I call. I call your phone. You were talking. I guess you could say, I might have been sort of stalking you. Stalking you, baby. Must have been that night when I took her down by the river, in a truck. I gave her all I could give her. The moon shining. The moon shining. I walked the street, sometimes I see some girls I’d like to meet, maybe. Why won’t you answer your phone, Bill is having a party, wish you were goin'. I know you fucked Al. He's supposed to be my pal. I guess you could say, I might be stalking you. I might be stalking you, baby. What did I do, to make you do, the things you do. What did I do. You said you wanted me dead. Shit, fuck my head. I got fucked by you. Fucked real bad. Maybe you’re happy, but I hope you’re sad. Since you left me I have been thinking about getting me a speed roadster. Going by the drugstore, who could ask for more? Maybe drive by your house. Look in your window.