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Rule the World (Moke)

The moonlight in my eyes Works wonders, you got me in your spell Now we‘ve made a pact, it’s a fact, i don’t know if It’s heaven or it’s hell. These words I have written in my mind I knew it all along, can’t stop it’s so strong. You have walked with kings Made them fall down at your feet The purest of a heart, you can stop, You can steal, for they must admit defeat. A simple seed on which our love’s been sown I’m timber for the flames As I learn to play your games. You and I we are beautiful Together we’re gonna rule the world You and I we are beautiful Together...we’re gonna rule the world. You cover up the light, just like you never take the blame Wer’e whispering, whispering, whispering, whispering your name. A simple seed on which your love’s been sown I’t’s rotten to the core, and still we all want more.