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A Man Called Horse (Lord Vicar)

Arrogant and clean I rode across the ocean And took the steam train through the mist and wasted land Taken by surprise I watched the silent motion The strength to hunt and kill was taken from my hand Lifted by the braves I'm waiting for my vision I used to be a rider, now I've become a horse To be a man again is my one and only mission Standing straight and tall I will have no more remorse High above the ground hangs the pale and bleeding horseman And no-one in the circle wants to know what's on his mind Thinking about the golden face of young and laughing Lucifer He stares up to the Sun and leaves the pain behind See my vision of light Feel my returning pain Trust me, you know I am right Because people are always the same You will choose me to lead you to final war You will put the gun in my hand I will force you to come back and ask for more As I slowly rape your land