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Party Rite Girl (Nasri)

(Verse) Little mami's not my girlfriend She doesn't know me at all We don't have a relationship outside of the spot Meet at the liquid kitchen Before we head to the room It's almost like tradition How quick little fixin we cut (Pre-Chorus) We don't come together, We don't leave together We catch the peak together (Chorus) She's my party rite girl Throwin up her hands like Dancing with the back side Man that booty's so fine My party rite girl Showin up that neck like Leavin at the sunrise She can do it all night She's my party rite girl On another level Only I could let go Baby's got some strong thighs My party rite girl Uh this girl is so fly Reason that I stopped by Look at my shorts She's my party rite girl (Verse) Little mami's not my girlfriend But we've been kissing a lot A little tonsil surfin We get each other so hot We don't see anybody My friends get lost in the mix Sometimes we get so rowdy They just don't know what it is (Pre-Chorus)