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Finders Keepers (The Winans)

Soon as spring arrives With all of its splendor and surprise It finds its way within our lives But then there comes a change The sun draws closer to our eyes We say "Hooray" and touch the skies Then spring turns to summers greens Then it all must leave Fall comes to us in midsummer time It brings to us the autumn side And the lovely snow soon will cover The beauty of autumns cover, know that Chorus: Finders keepers, losers weepers But I found someone who will never change Today, tomorrow, He's still the same And He won't ever go away Verse 2: You find a love and marry her sweet You start to raise a family And many happy days and anniversaries But then there comes a change A man embarks upon a career He works and works for many years Then he sits in silent tears Because its gone away We live a life of uncertainty Just reaching for security But I found someone in whom I am sure His love will always endure, you know that Chorus Finders keepers, losers weepers I found the Lord and so I'll never weep The love He gives, I'll always keep For He won't ever go away He won't ever go away x2 Finders will be keepers