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Lord I Believe (The Winans)

A man came to Jesus Saying "Sir will you help my child, Evil spirits come over him And make him act so wild They cast him into fire And his life he tries to take And I am rendered helpless While my son just pines away I took him to your discples But they didn't have the cure They said if you just touch him Then he'd be made whole" Jesus said "Sir do you have faith in me All things are possible If you can just believe" Chorus: (He cried) Lord I believe With your help I'll see Lord I believe Help my unbelief x2 Verse 2: We're buffed about with trials When heartaches are felt When tried in the fire Our courage begins to melt Just like that man did back then So do we today When faced with the mountain We let doubt get in the way Jesus said if we have faith The size of a mustard seed He would make it possible Our impossibilities Chorus Bridge It's always hard to see your way with the natural eye So we cry Help me, help me to see Can't do it on our own no matter how we try So we cry Help me, help me to see Help me, help me believe Chorus x5 I believe Lord remove all doubt I believe I believe Lord increase my faith I believe I believe Lord I believe I believe... Lead I believe (4x)