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Big Blue Diamonds (Little Willie John)

Big diamonds, big blue diamonds, on her finger (On her finger) Yes, 'stead of a little band of gold (Big blue diamond) Big diamonds (big blue diamonds) Big blue diamonds (big blue diamonds) Tell a story of the love That the one man could ever hold (Of them all) She wanted more than I had money to buy So she left me, then got lonesome, I am told Big diamonds, blue diamonds Now she'll trade them in For love behind little band of gold (Little diamonds) Big diamonds (big diamonds) Big blue diamonds (big blue diamonds) How they sparkle But what can they do to warm your soul? (Warm her soul) When you're lonesome in the moonlight Want the lovin', yes Big as diamonds (diamonds) They're blue diamonds (diamonds) They're so wreckless and cold (Big blue diamonds) I'd gladly do my part to mend her broken heart But the last one over grows cold Big diamonds (diamonds) Big blue diamonds (blue diamonds) I don't want them, no-no I just want a love behind a band of gold. (A band of gold)