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All Is Dust (Icewind)

Many people die The only thing real is pain Wonders of the world no longer there To take the blame, no one dare... War is in vain! Walking the path follow your way From this wasteland remains decay Roaring thunder, burning water Fear inside and dust resides Temple exploding while you pray To make the war stop you will obey Iron monster, falling feather No one is waiting for that day Fly away from this land And you'll be free Escape at last from death and misery No more cries and no more lies 'Cause I will set you free From all this dust!!! Hearing gunshot, who's the prey How can I know? I'm dressed in grey Dying father, crying mother They are at war so this is the way [Chorus] [Solo: Vincent / Jay] Gone away from the sand And you will see No more death nor even misery No more cries and please don't die 'Cause I have set you free But all is dust!!!