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Follow The Wind (Icewind)

Here we are a day like no other The time has come for us to rise Now it's time to show you the power There's nothing in life To make us forget our ways Here comes the wing, prepare to see We'll show them what we want to be There's nowhere to run And nowhere to hide We'll ride for all eternity Forget everything you heard before Metal, the music we adore Now it's the wind that leads the night The weak in life won't live to fight The walls on the path Are crushed aside Many tried to stop the tide The sole result is a bigger storm No one can change our ways [Chorus] [Solo: Vincent / Steve / Alex / Jay] Follow the wind and you'll see We're aiming for a better place to be Forget all your fears Erase all your tears We'll ride for all eternity We are the wind forever free Free to be what we wanna be Forget your fears Erase your tears The show goes on eternally