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Walking Alone (Icewind)

Mirror, mirror, Can you tell me what is going on? Facing darkness, facing sadness I walk in the unknown Surrounded by pawns and fools Thinking they are cool They're moving along The will of their master Help me! It's a disaster Liar, liar, Why am I even listening to you? Your speech filled with emptiness I'm trapped in the unknown Far from a place called wrong A place I'll never belong I know what I have to do It's to remain forever strong I chose to walk alone... I follow my own way For the world is blind The life I want to live Is the reason I fight Call me what you will Strong and bold I am still I reached victory... At last I am free [Solo: Vincent] All you need in life To become what you want to be It's to put the sadness far behind And seek your destiny Open up the gates of madness To let the demons free What's the price of freedom for us? Please let me be, what I want to be Until the end of time [Chorus] [Solo: Jay] Sunlight arises And I feel no longer pain The pieces in my mind together again There is a way I may win the fight! [Chorus]