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Vanity Allstars (Zavod)

This is not the hall of shame You try hard to make your self a name (When death and greed wear prada clothes) Show the world that you are rich Superficial, plastic, guccibitch You all know what you are You're members of the vanity superstars Smile and pose for the cause of money (This is a fashionshow) Stars shines bright 'til they fall Drink your champagne get ready to go'€¦ Out and mingle tonight Feel your best draw another line (The headlines) All the beautiful people are here (Feel the beat of the V.I.P atmosphere) Buy a mask to cover your scars You are members of the vanity allstars Vanity allstars Vanity superstars Go up, then you go down Look at me, I want to feel Above you all, I am'€¦ Vanity (All) Vanity (Stars) Look at me Vanity allstars