Hunting (Spragga Benz)

Hunting, hunting, hunting Haffi find something, something, something Waan pick a cherry, still mi woulda cut a pumpkin But mi woulda merry if mi coulda get a virgin Yes, Mi hunting, hunting, hunting Haffi find something, something, something An if a nuh Kerry den a Debbie or the browning Tone haffi bury inna sitten by a morning 1. Mi is a bwoy who dont believe say mi fi draw nill If even for a minute mi haffi put it in still Caw nutten like a hour of erratical chill Fi mek mi sleep better than a cup a Nyquil Tonite suppose to nice cause mi an Nerrissa have date She call mi after 5 an say fi pick har up 8 She tell mi pass di house an guh a di corner an guh wait But if she flop mi draw fi Pat, mi naw guh mek mi stone waiste 2. Well 1'o clock a night an old dog dey pon di flex Mi jus step out a Cactus, mi is a rebl an mi des An sex a di best remedy fi cut stress Suh mi link up wid Nikki caw a she mi a request Well bright red light mek mi haffi detour 1:30 an mi a knock Kecia door From mi see di nighty mi know di slam sure But daddy wake up mi clock 9.4 Mek couple move an still nutten naw gwaan Till mi mek a link wid life saver Lashaun An after certain hours mi nuh guh a bay Farm But whah, she say she ready, Suh Whah, a dey mi gawn 3. Jah know sey mi is a yute hwey determine Yuh ever a boil up hotter than the fire whey burning Any gal whey waan fi get mi sitten yeh turning Mek she start a argument whey sex concerning Yurning fi loving evry morning and evening Haffi get a nurse fi gi mi di sexual healing Mi mi get the urge fi dat particular feeling Mi is a bwoy coming from up a gal ceiling. From Top