No Way (Spragga Benz)

Well no way Jose not now not today No never will dem ever get a bad thing fi say Tell Fae avoid and stay out a yuh way Nuh fallah none a dem an guh tun nuh Rae Rae RPT Girlfriend pop sport Goodas election run you win di vote Yuh never haffi carry yuh man guh family court A gal a run dung child support A nuff a dem a live inna life without hope Warboat, dem ungle can talk Tell a gal fi come choke nuh Nuh care how much fren dem import Dem smell like under ram goat An trying fi tie dung yuh future wid rope Yuh naah duh certain things An certaing things yuh naah promote Yuh naah guh tief, yuh naah guh beg Yuh naah guh tek nuh coke Yuh naah guh mek nuh man guh mek yuh duh nuh deep throat Yuh naah guh mek nuh gal guh mek yuh haffi leave port Noway, yuh naah guh mek nobaddi say yuh dumb A trick yuh an a kick yuh an evict yuh like scum Look whaapen to Winsome, look how she tun bum All over Waterloo road a night till yuh come