Praise (Spragga Benz)

First time round the microphone fi the new millenium From the year start, so it haffi come directly from the heart Father God inna the thoughts. Spragga Benz Praise to the father mi seh praise to the son Praise to the father fi di works wey yuh done Praise fi di heaven, mi seh praise fi di ground Praise fi di rising and the setting of the sun Praise fi mi mother mi seh praise fi mi dad Praise fi mi lover and the kids weh mi have Praise fi mi family cause mi love unoo bad Praise fi mi friends an mi fans and mi job Happy fi live and so mi haffi give praise Many never mek it ina dem last days Carry mi cross di bridge di father put mi pon a stage Never know mi picture woulda pon di front page Mek him know seh mi appreci-love the sun rays Thank yuh fi nuh still haffi ah buss the A.K's Barely miss mi death mi get whole heap ah close shaves Never foe ah second ever doubt that you'd save Cause mi see the judgment of the wicked who strayed And mi see the blessing of the righteous man ways Haffi read ah psalm on the sabatical days...and My needs dem you provide fir mi seh speed And mek mi know seh wi nuh haffi struggle fi yek lead To people mi nuh bow but to God mi haffi beg please Gi mi di best weed send mi guh set seed Happy fi di babymother dem wey yuh mek breed Di yute dem wey so healthy cause dem properly breast feed Yow it woulda nice anyhow the wicked would take heed Try do di best, deed tell dem fi lef greed (mek wi just) (Repeat from top)