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Reto (The Network)

Reto, You're a technical whiz, Masturbating with computers For a legion of kids. Reto, You're a solid state, A microchip and designer tape. Oh Reto, Where did you come from? With transistors and a keyboard You're a virtual gun. Reto, Is there something wrong? The bigger wired robot Is still using its probe When life's behind the screen Of an agorophobe. Oh Reto, Artificial life, A new computer and a brand new wife. Oh Reto, Can you process this? A girlfriend in a coma having cyber sex. Gamble it away with computer chips. Oh no Knowing where we're going (Where do we go?) Oh Reto, Are you future smart? Fiber optics cybercloptic digital heart. Reto, Can you cypher me? Eight zero two eleven B. Oh Reto, It's a stripped down world Like muriatic acid in a toilet bowl. Reto It's an SOS We're microwaving signals like a scientist. Our bit-rate is shrinking to a non-existant. Oh no Knowing where we're going (Where do we go?) Where do we go, Reto?