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In The End (Holy Soldier)

Oh, It Seems We've Come So Far Down This Road To Nowhere Still We Don't Know Where We Are But I Know We'll Get There Through The Wild Unknown Reaping Seeds We've Sewn It's A Long Way Home On This Road To Nowhere We Traveled Down This Road Together And We've Made A Lot Of Friends We Came Upon A Lot Of Stormy Weather Hoped For Brighter Days Around The Bend We've Been Enticed By Every Vice Blown Around Like Chaff Within The Wind But Still We Follow Jesus Christ And I Hope To See You In The End People Come And Go It Only Goes To Show Nothing Is Forever Don't You Know? But In The End We'll See That What Will Be, Will Be It's Down To You And Me I...I'll See You In The End, My Friend I...I'll Be With You Again, In The End! Living With Jesus And All My Friends Together And Forever, In The End!