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Stranger (Holy Soldier)

Stranger People talk about Him And His ways they can't explain Others come against Him And His reckless claim to fame He's an axiom He's the maximum He's a rebel and He's got a cause Don't try to lock Him up He's the One who makes the laws Stranger You've gone a little to far Stranger Who do You think You are? They didn't understand Him Though His words were plain to see Because of this they made a plan To kill Him brutally He was different He was heaven-sent And for this they took His life But in the end He rose again His name was Jesus Christ Don't know where You come from You're a drifter born to roam Stranger You're a long, long way Long, long way from home I know there's something more More than meets the eye His words cut right through me How can I deny? I know who You are Stranger You come from afar Stranger The bright morning star Stranger I know who You are Stranger