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Virtue And Vice (Holy Soldier)

It's Funny How You Only See A Certain Side Of Me, For I Am Just A Man Encaged In Who I'm Supposed To Be Yes You Think You Know Me, But Just To What Degree, I Can't Deny My Other Side My Secret Identity. Oh, The Things That People Say, Some Believe The Fantasy But It's Really Not That Way, Oh The Side You Never See, I Wish That I Could Show You But You'd Probably Run From Me, It's Like Dr. Jeckyl Meets Mr. Hyde That's Who I Really Am Deep Down Inside Virtue And Vice, Fire And Ice, Which One Is Really Me. Virtue And Vice, Nasty And Nice, Tell Me Which One Will It Be. A Civil War Is Raging In The Fortress Of My Mind, Both Sides Hate The Other Evil And Divine. I Guess That's Just The Way It Is The Nature Of The Game And Until The Game Is Over, The Song Remains The Same.