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High School (Fisher Jeremy)

Bubble gum and house parties When you stole your parent's rum and Tried to screw everything that could breathe Back in high school We didn't have a whole lot to do and Watched the world go by on a television screen Said it's the nineties kids That's way out, this is way in Go beat each other up on the dance floor It told us drugs were no good but then we smoked 'em and Liked 'em so much we smoked a little more. We liked 'em so much we smoked a little more Did I call your name, did you hear me Singing that song I wrote for you You're so the same, but you're so different I didn't recognize you It's kinda hard with all that sexual confusion Sometimes you don't know if you're gay or straight But what's the difference, it's a wonderful delusion and Most times you won't make it past second base I'm in a band, we kinda suck But we don't know it yet and I don't care anyway Soon I'm gonna sell these drums, pay my rent, support my kid and Tell him all about way back in daddy's day I'll tell him all about way back in daddy's day Some years later by a soda coolerator In the corner store back in my hometown, this stranger smiles at me He said remember the class of '93 and For some reason it makes him look real proud After all the good times he said we had he looks at me Scratches his head and asks me where the hell I ever went and The funny thing is, I never even knew him But he could've been any one of my high school friends [Chorus]