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Left Behind (Fisher Jeremy)

It's cold when it's October here But the leaves are burnin' red There's one still hanging on my tree That just won't give into the wind I had faith in one thing That was gravity But you took my feet from the ground so high I don't know what that word even means [Chorus] You're always dreamin' so far ahead I feel a little left behind We will never find each other my love In the same place at the same time You never saw yourself as an artist I never saw a portrait like your smile We never saw each other first time we looked But good things take a while And you wish to have it figured out Every detail of your life Well it's kind of a drag to think about You not figuring into mine [Chorus] So I'm putting this love for you out there And it will not be bound by time I'll be in your hands as a deck of cards And on your lips like cheap red wine