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Lovers Who Have Lost Their Cause (Pryor Matt)

I'm really in a tryst if her heart don't break You're just here to occupy a time and space. It isn't an affair if nobody cares. You're lovers who have lost their cause. After this is over, give him back his shirt, And he'll just wring it out when he gets back to work. Her husband may have learned it's no concern, So I guess you guys have got it made. Over the hill, But you justify it still, You must think this is the thrill to end all. You could just be lovers you can't be friends At least then the attraction is genuine. May it's the baggage that turns you on, Now that all the danger's gone. After this is over go back to your house, You don't have a single thing to talk about. It may be for the best if just the sex, As long as you don't have to speak. A torrid affair, I don't think anybody cares. And the both of you would swear there's no fire. If this doesn't last, Then you'll both look back and laugh, At the moment in your past that made you liars. Go ahead and tell her you won't be back, She isn't gonna take it like a heart attack. You can rest assured, you're both so bored, There won't be any drama kid. Then when you were summoned to your den of sin, She would drop the hammer that did you in. There's a beau, you'll have to go, I guess she'll kick you to the skids. Sooner or later, you knew you were tempting fate If you soared to heights so great, you may fall. Let me be first to say though this probably hurt, It will hardly the worst day of them all. Tell me what you learned then, from this. Love can be just too damn dangerous. And even though you thought you'd the one, She beat you to the punch, And now you've gotta run. [x3 last two lines] Now you've gotta run.