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Voices And Signs (Akashic)

Walk or run through all the haze And reach a new dimension You will be fine living your life by his side Life in paradise is in your mind - There is no blood Stare at my eyes following a feeling of goodness Oh! You can't be wrong - There's a heaven Truth will give you light, Don't show me again the rancor in your eyes Don't judge a man, If you don't know yourself! If you don't know me right! Who is innocent? Everybody laughs Laughs when there is no pain Don't try to escape You won't be alone He will give you a hand Voices Tell you - Don't be afraid Someone will come to get you And take you in his arms Life has just begun Signs Show you - So many ways In the right way you'll feel a warmth in the air I trust in every word you say So set me in your dreams everyday You're in the realm of angels Above the darkness and past lives Bright! Now you are the light, Pure and simple Shine! Give us peace inside